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4GV Exemption Packaging 2 - 1 Liter or Less
2 - 1 Liter or Less
HAZMATPAC’s 4GV United Nations certified packaging system provides all of the required components for the safe transport of hazardous materials by air, ground and water. The 4GV series passes ISTA International  Transit Association’s Project 3 testing for the overnight environment and meets Project 1A testing. Each packaging system comes completely assembled with easy to read instructions for effortless final packaging.


Available in a variety of container and unit configurations.



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4GV - 1 Liter Aluminum Bottle and Paint Can
4GV - 2 - 8 oz. Wide Mouth Straight Sided
4GV - 2 - 16 oz. Wide Mouth Straight Sided
4GV - 2 - 32 oz. Wide Mouth Straight Sided