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Intermediate Bulk Containers

Intermediate Bulk Container
Intermediate Bulk Container

HAZMATPAC’s Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) is designed to ship one cubic yard of solid hazardous material. The container is United Nations tested for packaging group II materials up to the incredible weight of over 2,000 pounds or 968 Kg. HAZMATPAC’s UN-IBC36 cubic yard design replaces approximately four 55 gallon drums and simplifies filling with only one container to close and mark. The complete packaging system includes one outer corrugated container with the inner dimensions of 36” x 36” x 36”, 6 MIL yellow opaque polyethylene liner bag, 38” x 38” four way wooden pallet, and fasteners to connect the outer container to the wooden pallet. The IBC is sold in any quantity, with your option of with or without pallet. 

11G/X/01 YR/USA/+AA****/1814/938



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Intermediate Bulk Container
Intermediate Bulk Container without pallet or nails