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Absorbent Bag
Absorbent Bag
Absorbent Bag

HAZMATPAC's new universal absorbent lined bagging system is designed to provide sufficient absorbent material around the container while achieving the necessary cushioning to pass the 4GV test requirements. The bag lining system includes a proprietary design of universal polypropylene absorbent folded in a unique way to provide the most layers of absorbent at the top and the bottom of the bag, where it is needed most. For added safety, HAZMATPAC's poly bags are static resistant. The bag lining system is the cleanest and easiest form of universal absorbent available. Packaging of each bottle is accomplished with three easy steps:

  1. Partially pull out the absorbent lining and insert the container.
  2. Hold on to the outer bag and let the weight of the container push the absorbent lining with the container to the bottom of the bag.
  3. Fold the top flaps of the absorbent lining over the top of the container and close with a cable or twist tie.

The bag lining system provides a universal, clean and easy way to package your container in the safest 4GV United Nations Certified packaging system.