HAZMATPAC Absorbent A-900


HAZMATPAC Absorbent A-900 is an established packaging abosrbent spcifically developed to meet the high demand of shipping hazardous materials by air, ground, and water.  HAZMATPAC Absorbent A-900 is manufactured from an unique process that combines recycled cellulose fibers with special ingredients to create a packaging absorbent that maintains extremely high cushioning properties with improved absorbency charactersitics.  Key features of HAZMATPAC Absorbent A-900 include high absorbency, light weight, biodegradable, bioremedial, and fully incineratable with 7532 BTU's per pound.  When using HAZMATPAC Absorbent A-900, only fill the inner cells of our UN certified containers.



It is the responsibility of the person offering a hazardous material for transportation to ensure that such packagings are compatible with their lading. To help our customers determine the compatibility of their hazardous material with HAZMATPAC’s ABSORBENT A-900 we print the Material Safety Data Sheet (M.S.D.S.) right on the bag. Please review this information for your compliance.

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