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Seamless Bottles
Seamless Aluminum Bottles

HAZMATPAC is very pleased to announce the introduction of our new seamless aluminum bottle line. Our  bottles are made from the highest quality aluminum alloy with 99.5 % pure aluminum. Each bottle is made with over 10% more aluminum than the competitor’s,or 15 grams. More aluminum means heavier wall thickness for a stronger more durable bottle. You can feel the difference by squeezing the two bottles with your hands, HAZMATPAC’s is stronger. HAZMATPAC’s bottles are interchangeable with competitor’s.

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1.1 Liter Red Finish Aluminum Bottle with Teflon Lined Cap
1.1 Liter Silver Finish Aluminum Bottle with Teflon Lined Cap
4G - 4 - 1 Quart Container Box Shipper, No Bottles
Complete Package with 4 C-TR1.1 Aluminum Bottles

Complete Package with 4 C-TS1.1 Aluminum Bottles