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HAZMATPAC's complete line of torque wrenches provide the correct amount of torque to guarantee compliance with United Nation testing. Torque wrenches should only be used for closing purposes, never use a torque wrench to loosen or open a fitting. For opening of fittings, HAZMATPAC's carries a full line of opening wrenches.

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Black 70mm Poly Torque 10 ft. lbs.
Aluminum Bottle Cap
Grey 70mm Poly Adapter 3/8 Drive
Non-sparking-closing tool for 5 gal. Oh metal drum
3/4” poly pour faucet fits 3/4” bung opening
2” poly pour faucet fits 2” bung opening
3/4” brass faucet w/ teflon gasket & removable screen
Closing tool for up to 1 gallon friction lid cans
HAZLOC Ring Lock Opening Tool
HAZMATPAC Rubber Mallet